Foosball Clubs & Leagues

Calgary Foosball Association
Home of the Calgary Foosball scene!

Ottawa Foosball League
Foosball in Canada’s capital city.

Saskatoon Foosball
Our neighbors to the North.

Vancouver Foosball 
Vancouver Foosball scene!

Message Boards

Calgary Message Board

Saskatoon Message Board

Vancouver Message Board

The Foosball Board
U.S.A. message board – with all the updated info you need.

Foosball Related Products      Great resource for parts & supplies foosball related. They have shipping prices to Canada

InsideFoos Productions      A fantastic resource for foosball related videos. Produces videos with professional commentary for major tournaments.  Another good distributor of tables and parts.

General Information

Foosball Heaven
The home of Robert Uyeyama, the author of many of our Advice columns.
Foosball Locations Directory

Foosball Video Tutorials by Zeke on Youtube


Table Soccer Assoc Canada
Check it out… promoting the sport of Foosball as World event!

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